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Miscellaneous and Unique Franchises Currently Available

These are current Miscellaneous and Unique franchise opportunities available through Franchise Investments. If you are interested in one of these, click on the icon of the franchise you are interested in, then complete and submit the email with all required information. The Franchise Investments Consultant will contact you for further evaluation.

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ACFN provides ATM services to the hospitality and entertainment industries including popular restaurants in tourist locations, breweries, convention centers, museums, hospitals, national parks and other high traffic local businesses. ACFN is the largest ATM provider to hotels in the United States with more than 1,000 hotels in their network. ACFN researches the areas of operation for each franchisee to identify and prequalify suitable venues for ATM placement. The franchisees visit and approve the proposed locations and ACFN’s sales and marketing team handles all the negotiating to secure contracts for ATM placements.

The Franchisees own and operate the ATMs visiting their locations once a week. The average visit takes only 2-3 minutes per location and all of the back office services such as accounting, bill pay, customer and technical support services are provided by ACFNs Headquarter.

This is a home based business with low initial capital requirements and does not require any employees. An ACFN ATM Franchise model is flexible allowing franchisees to start part time generating a supplemental income and later grow into a full time business. The part time supplemental structure is a good fit for prospective franchisees interested in adding to current activities without having to leave the security of their job or disrupting other sources of income. ACFN is the only ATM franchise in North America providing ATM services since 1996. They started their franchise in 2003 and today have 250 franchise owners across the U.S. and Canada that own and manage more than 2,350 ATMs.

Key Facts:

  • Franchisee gets paid from every transaction at each of their ATMs
  • Part time business that is scalable to full time
  • No overhead
  • No Employees
  • No Selling
  • Managed from home or any mobile device
  • Manage thier own flexible schedule
  • Low cost, hight return business opportunity
  • Recognized as one of the Top Franchise in Entrepreneur Franchise 500 four years running
  • No prior ATM or business experience is needed - strong corporate support
  • Veteran discount
  • 401K qualified

AMH Enterprises

AMH Enterprises is a great opportunity to own a business in government selling. Government selling is a lucrative market, with the added bonus of low startup costs and the ability to work from home. AMH provides a proven, step-by-step system for selling to the government.

All 50 states and local cities and counties put commodities out for bid.

AMH provides complete training, systems and support for their franchisees! They train on how to engage with Government buyers, how to locate opportunities, where and how to find unusual items the government typically purchases and how to negotiate in different purchasing situations. AMH provides the training and ongoing help.

Arcpoint Labs

ARCpoint Labs is a B2B franchise opportunity best suited for middle or upper management individuals who have a passion for the medical industry and have solid consultative (soft) sales ability.

ARCpoint Labs offers 2 businesses under one roof: 1.) drug and alcohol testing and 2.) clinical health and wellness testing. Since we have both offerings, ARCpoint Labs provides the most comprehensive medical testing services in the U.S. built around a passion for reducing drug/substance abuse and helping companies lower their health care costs by offering a health and wellness programs.

Our testing programs help companies achieve higher productivity, reduce absenteeism, eliminate theft and damage of company assets, lower insurance costs, etc. In addition our owners provide the following tests and services: allergy, hormone, DNA, paternity, STD, titer, background checks, flu shots, and more. These services are available through our 1500 - 1800 sq. ft. lab or we can also go onsite with our mobile service.

Bio One

Bio-One Inc. is the world’s most recognizable crime & trauma scene franchise in the world. When purchasing a Bio-One, the franchisee will get 2 franchises for the price of one, Bio and Hoarding. In 7 years of franchising they have never had anyone not make his or her money back in the 1st year of operation, fully in the black within 16 months. They work with all law enforcement, DOJ, DOD, and FBI. They are also the only private FEMA “Pro Stared” company in the nation. They have won multiple awards as well as being in the Entrepreneur Franchise 500 for last years class.

College Hunks Hauling Junk and Moving

College Hunks Hauling Junk is a franchise opportunity that:

  • Is an established and award-winning junk removal business with a rapid growth record.
  • Is more focused on capturing both residential and commercial clients’ attention and securing their loyalty than other concepts.
  • Offers a low-cost, complete franchise system for growing your business in a very hot industry that is highly fragmented.
  • Grants large exclusive territories so you can provide greatly needed services to commercial and residential clients in your community.
  • Currently located in 31 markets nationwide (Large Metro Markets still available!)

Key Business Features:

How do our franchise partners make money?

  • Property & Facility Managers
  • Realtors, Investors & Foreclosures
  • Contractors & Re-modelers
  • Restoration Companies
  • Offices
  • Professional Organizers & Move Managers
  • Homeowners
  • Retail Centers
  • Fundraisers
  • Colleges & Universities

Ideal Candidate:

What are we looking for in a franchisee?

  • A leader who has the desire and passion to build a junk removal and moving services business
  • The personality to be a successful franchisee
  • The capital to invest in a franchise
  • Have fun (this is a collegiate and fun concept)

Role of Franchisee:

  • Owner/Operator
  • Hire and manage employee
  • Networking and sales to grow the business

Competitive Advantage:

We provide:

  • A powerful brand
  • World-class training and marketing
  • Inside sales team and national call center- 1-800-JUNK-USA
  • National media recognition
  • Preferred vendors and clients

Crestcom International

For more than 25 years, Crestcom International franchisees have trained business people across the globe in the areas of management and leadership. Today, Crestcom has grown to become one of the training industry's most successful and widely used management and leadership programs among Fortune magazine's Top 100 Companies.

Each month, thousands of business professionals across six continents participate in the Crestcom Bullet Proof® Manager training. Crestcom's proprietary training is improving the way businesses motivate, communicate and help managers succeed.

Businesses turn to Crestcom to help transform managers into leaders and generate real business results. Crestcom's training program accommodates companies of all sizes, from small to mid-sized businesses, to global multi-national organizations. Crestcom has met the needs of some of the most successful businesses and brands around the world.

The Bullet Proof® Manager training session is a monthly business forum where leaders develop their skills, exchange ideas, and share what's working now. Participants can join the program at any time. The Bullet Proof® Manager training program is a 12 month / one day per month program that covers 24 modules of management and leadership development.

Managers from 75% of Fortune Magazine's "Most Admired Companies" have participated in the Bullet Proof® Manager training. More than 98% of our clients have said Crestcom training equaled or exceeded their expectations. Companies of all sizes are seeing the effects on their bottom line; employees are realizing additional job satisfaction and realizing their full potential.


Firestorm has developed step by step plans, processes, and procedures to assist companies in planning for and managing disasters and crises. Today, we are experiencing increased natural disasters, terrorism, and health crises/epidemics. The Red Cross states there are 70,000 disasters annually in the United States.

The Department of Labor has identified that 40% of businesses struck by a disaster never reopen and of those which do, 25% close within two years. To address these concerns, Congress mandated that thee Department of Homeland Security and FEMA establish a certification program for Business Continuity Plans in the private sector under Public Law 110-53, Title IX.

The Firestorm system allows a franchisee to put their business experience and contacts to work using the Predict. Plan. Perform.™ systems developed by the company to help companies develop business continuity and disaster plans. They can support executives in making critical decisions, before, during, and after a disaster or crisis. With 85% of the infrastructure of the country in the private sector, "Preparedness is not a luxury, it is a cost of doing business" for all companies.

Every Crisis is a Human Crisis and Firestorm has helped people and solved problems by designing continuity plans for Fortune 500 companies to crisis management support at Virginia Tech after the shooting.

Luv4 Marketing

Luv4 Marketing is an online marketing franchise company specializing in Social Media, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Email Marketing, Content Creation, Pay Per Click services (PPC) for which they are proud to be a Google Partner.

Luv4 Marketing is a comprehensive on-line eLearning format with the capability to scale to a full-fledged digital media educational operation.

  • First Class Training
  • Proven Systems
  • On-Going Support
  • Continuous Learning
  • High Income Potential
  • Multiple Income Streams
  • In Demand Sector
  • Referral Network

The name “Luv4” came from the concept of loving what they do, let alone what Social media is all about; being social and choosing to be passionately social. People follow communities as opposed to businesses, so their love of marketing delivers unique strategies and results to the businesses they serve.

Money Mailer

Money Mailer has re-invented local business marketing. Franchise becomes an in-house ad agency resource for local, neighborhood businesses in exclusive, protected territory.

Franchisees provide a customized, integrated marketing solution that incorporates targeted direct mail, Internet, mobile text messaging, email marketing, smart phone apps and social media. Cost to the business is pennies per household.

Franchisee shows business owner how to target the right prospects with the right offers. The only national company laser-focused on providing valuable marketing expertise to local, community-based businesses, one of the most under-served market segments in the Country.

Initial and ongoing lead generation provided. Franchise Performance Coach spends 4 weeks in territory following 2 weeks at MM University to ensure successful 1st mailing. Cash flow 8 weeks after MM University.

Franchisees do the consulting, we do the rest, including ad design. No sales experience required but candidate must be comfortable working with small business owners in a consultative, relationship-driven business.

B2B model, home-office based, high repeat business. $75,000 single territory. Additional $25,000 - $50,000 liquid required to cover living expenses and working capital during start up.

Pirtek USA

Across the United States, companies producing the goods and services that we rely on in our daily lives all have one thing in common - use of hydraulic power for production capabilities.

Every day, the kind of products and services Pirtek provides touches the lives of every American in many different ways - from a hydraulic hose on a garbage truck to the steerage of ocean liners, from power steering and air-conditioning hoses in the family car to the boilers of steel-producing industries, from steam cleaning to chemical processing and mining, from elevators in high-rise buildings to harvesting and transporting grain and cattle, from mowing the golf course to earthmoving and from construction to the processing and packaging of food.

When the hose critical to the process fails, companies face downtime that costs them hundreds, even thousands, of dollars each hour. Pirtek is the world's leading service provider in on-site hose replacement.

ProShred Security

PROSHRED® pioneered the mobile paper shredding and recycling industry in the mid 1980's and is recognized as a North American leader.

PROSHRED® shreds and recycles confidential documents and proprietary materials for "fortune 500 companies", "small and medium sized enterprises" as well as home based business and residential customers in all industry sectors including Healthcare, Financial, Government and High-Tech.

PROSHRED® combines unparalleled customer service with absolute security and is the only company to receive both ISO 9001-2008 and NAID AAA certification. PROSHRED®'s explosive growth is a result of increasing concerns with regard to "identity theft" and the "environment".


RentMOTOPED is the premier lifestyle franchise that exclusively rents out, deals, and sells merchandise for Motopeds, a 49cc crossover between a bicycle and a motorcycle. These Motopeds are street legal, only require a driver’s license to operate, and are extremely easy to ride. Rentals and sales are done out of an upcycled custom shipping container that operates as the entire storefront. Owner operation is not required.

This is an entrepreneurial lifestyle franchise comprised of 4 components: Motopeds (available for rentals and referred sales), an upcycled shipping container store, a cloud based point-of-sale and scheduling software, and a support team that will help you every step of the way.

A Motoped is a lightweight new-to-market, extremely fuel efficient, hybrid between a motorcycle and a bicycle that incorporates innovative style while providing the most comfortable riding experience available. It’s a great way for tourists to explore a new area or have a thrilling on or off road tour. There are 3 different style bikes available so your rental location can be tailored to the experience that suits your locations needs.

The upcycled shipping container store will be your stand-alone rental storage location. This will be all the real estate you need and it will be completely ready for use when it arrives at your location with the motopeds and all other necessary equipment inside of it. The store is incredibly easy to open, close, and lock with hydraulic doors, and industrial locks. It also comes equipped with a retractable awning that retracts itself when too much precipitation or wind is sensed. With no depreciation schedule, maintenance is a cinch for this modern application of an industrial looking storefront.

Scout & Molly's Boutique

Scout & Molly’s is a 900 to 1,200 square foot class A Retail storefront business catering to women of Mid to high income households. Average customer is 30-65 year old female but Scout & Molly’s does a good job selling to husbands or boyfriends too.

Key Business Features

  • Inventory & Buying Program – The process of selecting and buying and selecting designer lines can be a daunting task if you are not familiar with the process. Scout & Molly’s team regularly attends vendor and buying events and will use our purchasing history and eye for fashion to identify clothing lines our owners will carry in the stores. Ordering is easy, each owner will have access to hundreds of clothing lines in which they can select from. All is managed and processed through our inventory control technology system.
  • Point of Sale System – Scout & Molly’s uses a computer software system that will allow the owner to have a bird’s eye view of the entire operation. This system will handle everything from Associate scheduling and payroll, cash management, inventory control, reporting system and customer management. This system is cloud based allowing the owner to access his/her account from anywhere.
  • Marketing and Promotions – Scout & Molly’s will implement a variety of marketing and promotions to drive traffic to the store. Social media is also an important marketing tool to drive traffic and awareness to each location. Scout & Molly’s owners will also promote and host home shows and other private parties. Scout & Molly’s in-house marketing team will assist owners with Grand Opening and on-going marketing efforts.
  • ‘Rustic Chic’ design & theme. Classy look and feel at a very reasonable cost to develop.

Shield Security

SHIELD Security Systems is a 34 year old company based in Buffalo, New York. We market and monitor both residential and commercial burglar and fire alarm systems along with several ancillary products such as: access control, telephone and intercom systems and home theatre and surround sound. This is a hot business and has an amazing recurring revenue stream that is only available in a hand full of industries. Franchise owners can earn substantial income through alarm monitoring renewals which create a secure source of "passive income" from year to year.

Ken Jezioro, the founder and president, is a veteran police officer, certified trainer, FBI Certified Hostage Negotiator and is also certified and licensed in the electronic security industry.

StormGuard Roofing and Construction

Why A Storm Guard Franchise?

Insurance companies in 2014 paid out more than $14 billion for thunderstorm damage alone. This is a huge industry with no national franchised competition!

  • No construction experience preferred or needed (Management skills and/or sales management wanted)
  • Ranked #108 in the Top 500 Franchisors by Entrpereneur Magazine
  • Executive Business Model (manage managers that implement the business)
  • Small office needed (1,500 square feet); Flex space (office/small warehouse)
  • Average investment $300,000 (includes $75,000 in working capital after all aspects of business are set up) for a single-multiple territories
  • Exterior business and residential insurance restoration and non-insurance restoration and general construction business
  • Roofing, siding, windows and gutters insurance and non-insurance restoration
  • Multi-territory available
  • Competition is very fragmented
  • Sales team recruiting program for franchisees

Two Men and a Truck

(Canada Only) - The TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® is an award winning franchise opportunity best described as a “Professional Moving Business for the Business Professional”. Franchisees offer local and regional moving services for both homes and businesses. Franchises don’t drive trucks or lift furniture.

Primary responsibilities include general management, customer service and new business development, ie., in-home estimates and networking activities. Franchisees enjoy multiple revenue streams from moving, packing, unpacking, storage, delivery services, the sale and rental of boxes and totes as well as packaging material. Recurring revenues are generated from referrals, repeat customers, delivery services and storage and tote rentals.

UNITS Mobile Storage

UNITS Mobile Storage is a rapidly growing company in the $50+ Billion a year moving & storage industry. In the past, Self Storage has been dominated by "fixed location" service providers, which means that people needed to load their belongings into a truck, deliver those items to a storage facility, unload what they just loaded and then be ready to repeat the process when they need to retrieve their belongings! This outdated difficult, inefficient and time consuming task has been replaced by a more convenient and less expensive alternative...UNITS! We deliver a container(s) to our customers, allow them to load at their convenience, retrieve it and then either store it in our climate controlled warehouse or deliver it to its final destination. The business provides: Greater convenience, quality, value & service for our customers. Interstate moves, helping someone move from one city or state to another, will continue to grow as we build out our national network.