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Financial Services Franchises Currently Available

These are current Financial Services franchise opportunities available through Franchise Investments. If you are interested in one of these, click on the icon of the franchise you are interested in, then complete and submit the email with all required information. The Franchise Investments Consultant will contact you for further evaluation.

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Expense Reduction Analysts

Expense Reduction Analysts is one of the leading Cost Management Consultancy franchise companies in the world with nearly 650 consultants in 25 countries. Expense Reduction Analysts consultants provide a professional service which helps organizations release hidden profits within their business expenditure by enabling them to achieve the best value from their suppliers. Some examples of our top five savings categories are Telecommunications, Office Supplies, Cleaning Supplies, Insurance and Utilities/Energy but often find viable significant savings in just about any category.

We work with a wide range of companies across an array of industries, from manufacturing, health care, retail, professional services, education, non-profits, government, restaurants, hospitality, wholesale and many more, based around a compelling no-savings, no-fee proposition. The franchisee revenue is earned based on the actual savings. ERA shares 50 percent of the savings with the company over a 24 month base contract period.

Family Financial Services

Family Financial Centers is the closest thing to owning a neighborhood branch bank. We have a bank look and feel, and we offer a full menu of financial services to the "un-banked" or "under-banked" customer, typically a middle-income working family. Our services include check cashing, money orders, wire transfer, electronic bill payment, tax-preparation services, short-term loans, and a low to middle income mortgage program. We are located in attractive suburban strip centers close to the customer's home or work. The underlying business model is exceptional, providing good income and high return on investment. Our only inventory is cash, and we open and close our teller stations daily just like a bank. The business can be run with one to two people, and the owner can bring on a manager to run the store once the business is ramped up. We are doing acquisitions (for candidates who prefer an existing cash flow), new stores, and a "store in a store" kiosk concept that can go inside of an existing business (convenience store, grocery store, tax prep office, etc.). We offer single units, multiple units, and area development on a selective basis. Our typical candidate is an upper level corporate executive making a good income and with reasonably strong net worth, or an entrepreneur that is selling their business and looking to get into something else, or diversify into another business. With the current economic situation candidates may be concerned about opening a new business. With FFC they will be operating a branch bank for the ever-growing middle-income market that depends on our services.

IFG 50/50

IFG 50/50 is an affordable home-based franchise that provides short-term working capital to small businesses by purchasing current, quality invoices at a discount, thus accelerating the client's cash flow and growth.

The Interface Financial Group (IFG) has been in the Invoice Discounting business since 1972. Our new IFG 50/50 brand offers all the same great benefits of the Standard IFG franchise but with very significant enhancements, and a lower entry level!

In IFG 50/50, all transactions are syndicated 50/50 with the franchisee and the franchisor, and that means less working capital required to fund transactions; IFG does the bulk of the due diligence and the 'paperwork' for the transactions, and IFG 50/50 franchisees will concentrate their efforts on building the referral relationships - they do the 'people work'. A very innovative Capital Leverage Program has also been introduced to allow franchisees to grow their capital even faster using 'other people's money'.

Through syndication - Interface effectively sharing the risk and reward with their franchisee - the franchisee gains access to the Interface underwriting and management expertise. That's the IFG 50/50 approach - each party (Interface and the franchisee) contributes 50% of the capital. This in itself creates an above-average return for the franchisee.

When Interface then says to their franchisees, "You can now borrow up to 65% of your contribution", that's when the leverage takes over and the return on actual capital employed by the franchisee explodes.

Our IFG 50/50 franchisees are excellent communicators, relationship builders, with decision-making and problem-solving skills, and much more sales & marketing-oriented.

Liberty Tax Service

Liberty Tax Service is the fastest-growing tax service within the industry. It is our goal to bring in franchisees of high caliber, who are motivated to grow with us as we set a record-breaking pace to become the industry leader. Complete with a resourceful headquarters and management staff with over 600 years in the tax industry, Liberty provides ongoing support in operations, marketing, tax and technical areas. Franchisees develop their exclusive territories by opening and operating retail store locations. Liberty Tax is an attractive franchise opportunity based on the seasonality of the business model. Two-thirds of our franchisees keep their jobs while they grow and develop their Liberty franchise. CEO John Hewitt is the only person who has founded two franchise tax companies that Entrepreneur magazine has ranked on their Franchise 500. He's a veteran of 41 tax seasons, 12 years with H&R Block, 16 years as founder and CEO of Jackson Hewitt and the past 13 as CEO of Liberty. Named the International Franchise Association's Entrepreneur of the Year, Hewitt is considered a tax icon and serial entrepreneur inside the tax industry and beyond.

Online Trading Academy

Online Trading Academy is a world leader in providing financial education to individuals who want to learn how to improve their lifestyle and aim to secure their financial futures. Founded in 1997, they are celebrating their 20th anniversary! They currently have 42 education centers located in the US, Canada, UK, Dubai, Singapore, India, and Indonesia.

Their business model has proven to be highly effective and very successful for franchisees who have the right blend of leadership, sales experience, character, and drive. Their headquarters team has tremendous experience in building a growing a franchise network and is constantly innovating to add new products, services, and business processes to help their network thrive. They have created a unique and powerful business culture which, along with exceptional franchise support resources, helps new franchisees to quickly learn and execute their business model.

Their education appeals to a vast number of people across a broad demographic profile. They only award one franchise in each metropolitan area so the franchisee will never be competing against other Online Trading Academy businesses. This leads to a collaborative culture throughout their system that is fun to be a part of.


Accounting and Tax Franchise opportunity, Padgett provides small business owners with needed financials, government reporting and tax planning / preparation. Padget also specializes in payroll and other services important to small businesses.

Schooley Mitchell

Professional B2B Consulting Franchise helping businesses make decisions about telecom services and products. We only charge the client a fee if we save them money, which makes client acquisition an easy process. Our Franchisees are independent of all suppliers of telecom - no commissions, residuals, or kickbacks from suppliers - we always look out for our client's best interest. Quick ROI - low cash investment - revenue driven business - can be operated from home or office - Franchisees can do business anywhere in North America - ideal Franchise for executives.

Our basic service, referred to as Existing Systems Review, is really quite simple. We review all the services and equipment that a business client uses to communicate. That includes cell phones, local service, pagers, long distance, calling cards, conferencing, data, internet, and more. Our clients are often not familiar with the products and services they are currently using because of the confusing environment in telecom. We prepare a professional report summarizing the services received and costs incurred. We then advise the client about how to recover overpayments and how to receive equal or improved service, for less expense. If we find ways to save them money and the client likes what we've recommended, the fee is an equal portion of the savings for a specified period of time! During the term of the contract with the client, we continue to evaluate their needs and will bring forward additional recommendations that create additional savings for the client and additional fees for our Franchisee. Ultimately we'e creating a recurring revenue stream with our existing clientele.

Supporting Strategies

Supporting Strategies provides outsourced bookkeeping and operational support services for small businesses, We Pay their Bills, Pay their People, recognize their revenue, and perform a formal month end close for all of our clients.

Our franchise opportunities is a chance to take advantage of the rising demand for outsourced accounting support services among small businesses.

Supporting Strategies has developed a proven, scalable business model with highly automated systems and processes to deliver cost-effective accounting services to clients. Their low overhead and variable cost delivery model enable franchisees to closely match costs to revenues.

This low cost, home-based, recurring revenue model and has high earnings potential.