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14 Moves

Simple. Fast. Plug and Play. This is what Franchise Owners love about 14 Moves.

14 Moves is the first Real Estate franchise of its kind! They provide owners the ability to create their own real estate empire by using their turn-key business model; enabling Franchise Owners and their team of Real Estate agents to focus on the 20% of tasks that generate 100% revenues. Their centralized support hub is strategically placed to support a large amount of transactions and handle all of the administrative and marketing support to get their owners and their team in production fast.

Their Franchise Owners are not selling homes, they are leading and motivating a team of Real Estate agents to help them achieve their goals. By utilizing their world class sales training programs and partnering with existing, local broker offices, 14 Moves provides their Franchise Owners with a low barrier of entry into the real estate market. There are no real estate leases or buildout, no large employee payroll, and quick ramp-up meaning their Franchise Owners get to spend more time recruiting agents, and reaching their goals much sooner than the traditional brokerage model. Their concept is simple, scalable and stress-free with incredible revenue potential.

Features of Business:

  1. Stress-Free Business Model: 14 Moves has developed and engineered a successful system that empowers Franchise Owners to control and operate their business while allowing them flexibility to achieve work/life balance.
  2. Minimum Employees Required: To start, a Franchise Owner will only need a general manager, and a courier. If they have agent experience, they can be their own general manager or "team lead" as they scale and launch the next location, they can hire a team lead to replace themselves.
  3. Low Investment/High Earnings Potential: Million dollar revenues with a low inital investment of just $60,000. With their special relationship with Keller Williams, they benefit from the use of any of their 752 market centers around the country, which means no build-out costs and extremely fast ramp-up for their Franchise Owners.
  4. Expert Marketing and Advertising: They have a finely-tuned marketing plan to help all real estate agents reach maximum productivity.
  5. World-Class Sales Training and Coaching: They partner with the leading training and coaching companies in the real estate industry, and provide their Franchise Owners, general managers and agents with direct acess to the models, systems, mindset, and tools they need to consistently grow their business year over year.

Cooperstown Connection

Cooperstown Connection is a retail store selling authentic NFL, MLB, NBA and NCCA licensed apparel (hats, jerseys, t-shirts, jackets), memorabilia, novelty items and more.

Cooperstown Connection offers specialty sports items including licensed apparel, souvenirs and unique retail products of your favorite teams as well as professionally authenticated autographed memorabilia of current and former athletic superstars. Sports Apparel and Memorabilia is a 40 Billion Dollar industry that has grown 67% over the last 10 years.

Owning a Cooperstown Connection franchise is a unique opportunity for anyone to buy into this great American hobby. With an emphasis on authentic MLB apparel such as authentic jerseys, MLB player name and number shirts, authentic MLB caps plus guaranteed 100% authentic player signed memorabilia such as autographed baseballs, photos, game used apparel and equipment owning a Cooperstown Connection store can be the ultimate collectors dream.

The original location opened in 1995 under the name Seventh Inning Stretch on Main Street in Cooperstown, NY. Since then we have opened additional locations in 3 prominent malls in Upstate New York including the Destiny USA in Syracuse, NY.

Their retail locations are typically between 2,000 and 3,500 square feet. Our concept works well in malls, high traffic retail areas and near stadiums and arenas. The ideal franchise candidate should be passionate about both sports and customer service.

Core Progression Elite Personal Training

Core Progression is not your typical gym. They are a personal training centric, total body wellness, boutique style studio. By combining customized personal and semi-private training with group classes, wellness providers, and retail products they give clients a one-stop wellness shop.

Their goal is to change people’s lives for the better, not sign up as many members as possible to make a profit. Through experience, they discovered that big box gyms were treating personal training as an “add-on service” and not giving it the attention it deserved. Capitalizing on this oversight, Core Progression was developed to revolutionize the personal training industry where they match clients with trainers while providing unparalleled, results-driven training, nutritional education and preventative services such as chiropractors, and physical and massage therapists.

They strive to deliver the best personal training, at an affordable price, so everyone can experience a healthier more fulfilling lifestyle and “Never Plateau”. By incorporating facility memberships, utilizing personality tests along with science based training that encompass total body wellness, it is no surprise that they have experienced 10 years of consistent growth and have outlasted many other fitness concepts.

The Personal Training industry is a $10 billion-a-year industry that is projected to grow 24% from 2010-2020. With an increased focus on health and weight loss, more people are hiring a fitness professional to help them. Currently, personal trainers are one of the top five fastest growing careers and one-on-one training has remained in the top ten fitness trends for the past nine years. According to the American College of Sports Medicine, the top industry trends right now are body weight, HIIT, and strength training. These are all workouts Core Progression offers and continues to be an industry leader in. Not only that, but the increasing popularity of customized workouts and the new demand for smaller boutique style studios has Core Progression poised to be a stable and profitable franchise for years to come.


Dee-O-Gee™" is an emerging leader in the independent pet industry and we are on a quest to provide the best healthy care options for dogs and cats in your area. Dee-O-Gee offers a curated selection of natural pet foods, unique retail goods (toys, treats and gear), supplements, full-service professional pet grooming, self-service dog wash and dog daycare (Day Camp). The Pet Industry is a $60 Billion annual business in the United States and you can be part of this rapidly growing industry, utilizing our proven successful model. We are currently looking for franchise partners to extend our unique services and products to your area.

This is an independent pet supply franchise concept, including retail sales (pet foods, toys, treats, etc)and services (grooming, dog wash, day care). Dee-O-Gee started in 2008 in Bozeman, MT with 1 corporate location and currently offers 8,000 square feet of space, spanning 2 locations with 2 unique concepts offering a combination of the above services and retail.

Diesel Barbershop

The first Diesel Barbershop opened in 2011 in San Antonio, TX. It’s the modern-day version of the vintage corner barbershop, and appeals to what today’s men want in a haircut experience: part barbershop, part old-school record store, and part arcade. In short, a Man-Cave for guys with high quality haircuts, shaves, beard trims and shoulder massages. All done while having a beverage.

Who is Diesel’s target audience? Diesel customers are male, 17 to 65 years old. Diesel also cuts boys hair.

Diesel customers are looking for a place where they can relax, maybe drink a beer, while getting their haircut & a shave. Free from the drama that sometimes comes with beauty salons or the cheap, quick cut hair-care chains. They are also looking for a more masculine atmosphere where they’re free to talk sports or whatever their interests are with their barber or other customers. In fact, customers sometimes will linger after their hair cut to finish their beer or try to set the high score on Donkey Kong.

Digiop Intelligence Inspired

All DIGIOP franchised businesses specialize in offering loss prevention technology and services to retail customers with a specific focus on convenience stores and gas stations, full service and quick-serve restaurants, retailers and specialty stores. The offering provides franchisees the opportunity to apply proven technology and loss prevention services through the sale of subscription services to clients in these retail sectors. This is a home-based business opportunity for candidates with strong sales skills and desire for residual revenues.

  • Internal retail theft costs U.S. retailers nearly $18 billion annually, which is $2.3 billion more in annual loss from shoplifting.
  • Typical security solutions don't integrate, analyze and filter from multiple data sources (i.e. video, POS, etc.)
  • Business owners typically don't have the time or expertise to effectively manage information that is collected from general surveillance.
  • DIGIOP provides comprehensive solutions for its clients through a subscription based program that builds residual revenues for the franchisee.

Flirty Girl Lash Studio

Flirty Girl Lash Studio is an established upscale lash & brow salon. They are dedicated to consistently providing high customer satisfaction by rendering excellent services, using quality Flirty Girl proprietary products, and furnishing a unique, upscale atmosphere. They focus on giving their clients a comfortable, fun and relaxing experience that can not be duplicated anywhere else. Providing luxury services to their clients at an affordable cost, they guarantee they will return over and over again.

French Fry Heaven

French Fry Heaven was created by the entire executive team that built Wing Stops, and is led by a team comprised of the former CEO of Jimmy Johns, Ops director from Five Guys, Manager Trainer from Starbucks and the top food marketer in the country. With five stores open today, agreements exist for 30 more stores and territories will sell out quickly! They are hyper organized, detail oriented, powerful marketers, who support the franchisee in every aspect of the franchise cycle.

What does French Fry Heaven bring to you? Let’s start with one of the only unique food concepts on the market, selling the two highest margin items on any food menu and led by the former CEO of Jimmy Johns. For a franchisee, all of the above, plus spectacular training, wide open territories, input into their franchises growth and being the first to roll out an entirely new genre of food.

Oh, and the food, how about crisp on the outside, fluffy on the inside, Cajun dusted fresh cut fries with Remoulade dipping sauce? Amazing whole white meat chicken tenders rolled in delectable garlic and parmesan, perhaps with a little black truffle salt? Something a bit more hearty, like a massive pile of fries smothered in slow roasted pulled pork, jalapeños and cheese sauce, where you might add some Ghost Pepper salt (the hottest salt in the world) to give it that extra kick - so good! We have so many vegetarian and healthy options as well, such as a fresh monster baked potato with a bruschetta topping of diced tomatoes, basil, onions and brushed olive oil. There are 30+ other brilliant choices equally as good and more being added all the time. Everything is fresh and made from scratch, offered in a fast casual environment with something that appeals to everyone from the late night partiers to the afternoon yoga group.

There is just nothing like French Fry Heaven and nothing that matches the food quality and flavor!

Get Fried

Get Fried is a quick-serve snack food restaurant serving specialty, gourmet French fries with over 20 different seasonings, sauces and toppings; and fountain drinks, bottled water and home-made milkshakes for beverages.

The Franchise focuses on a thoroughly researched & developed ‘millennial’ branding strategy with a highly differentiating store design that draws the audience in; an interactive and personable staff that drives customer experience; world-class social media marketing; and a consistently delicious end-product.

Home Design and Decor Magazine

Home Design & Décor Magazine was created with the goal of being an easy-to-read, informative local magazine targeting affluent consumers. Topics cover interior design, custom home construction, outdoor living and decorating. Content is a blend between national and local content. This blending of content assures the reader an engaging experience of national and local design trends, while at the same time, allowing more impact for local business owners who chose to advertise in the magazine. The best analogy of the product is a "local version" of a magazine like Architectural Digest.

Local business owners are very often passionate about their business and have a wealth of knowledge of their products and services, yet often lack a consistent and affordable distribution network to educate a highly targeted base of affluent homeowners.

Small business owners simply cannot afford to spend too much time with unqualified customers and spend thousands of dollars advertising to an audience that will really never good prospects for their services. This is where Home Design & Decor Magazine steps in to address the void that exists between the impersonalization and mass appeal of social media and the disconnect that many city and regional lifestyle magazines have with their broader base of editorial content. Home Design & Decor Magazine is focused on the home and home-related topics. Readers who are interested in home related topics come to appreciate the editorial consistency. Similarly, local home related business owners come to appreciate the laser focus of the distribution to an affluent audience.

With almost endless possibilities for small business marketing and the seemingly endless and often grossly inflated press about the demise of traditional advertising media, local magazine and direct mail content continues to be an affordable and high impact way advertising option for local businesses and the results are backed by Neilson and other leading market research.

  • Within the "shelter" magazine category, nationwide, in 2016, advertising revenue increased by 28.3%. Magazines lead the ROA (return on advertising investment) among all measured categories (TV, online, mobile, digital video and cross media) returning $3.94 for every $1.00 spent.
  • Magazines have the second highest incremental sales increase across all measured media.

Images Studios 360

Simple. Stable. Scalable. That is what investors and franchisees love about Image Studios 360.

The Image Studios 360 salon studio concept consists of a large retail space around 5,000 square feet and build out of 28-32 salon studios (each ranging from 100 square feet - 250 square feet) that are leased to beauty professionals such as hair stylists, estheticians, nail techs and massage therapists who operate their own business within their studio. It’s like a mini-mall of hair salons all under one roof, and the franchisee is the landlord. Their systems, strategic marketing and the appeal of their brand helps keep studios fully leased out for optimal return on investment. This provides stable and predictable cash flow for their franchisees, which allows them to focus on growing additional locations or to pursue other interests.

The ongoing training and education programs provided for their tenants helps keep them successful and enables them to run their business better.

Enjoy the stability and strength of the beauty industry combined with the reliable rental income from their business model. First time entrepreneurs and experienced investors alike can benefit from this incredible opportunity. Their system will help any new franchisee experience success as an Image Studios 360 operator.

Kidcreate Studio

Kidcreate Studio introduces kids to the wonderful world of art! It is a retail and on-the-go concept focusing on art education for kids 18 months - 12 years old. Kidcreate Studio offers art classes, summer camps, art themed birthday parties and retail items while Kidcreate On-The-Go Studio goes portable creating partnerships within the community to bring the same great teachers and curriculum to other facilities such as; community education, parks and recreation and care programs along with preschools, daycares and Montessori’s. In turn, filling the void left behind with the decline in funded visual arts programs. “Since 2000, when No Child Left Behind was passed, 71% of the nation’s 15,000 school districts have reduced time spent on subjects like art, social studies and history.” - The Center on Education Policy.

At their studios and off-site On-The-Go classes, children create fridge-worthy art masterpieces while learning about art history, concepts and techniques. Their large curriculum library is packed with fun art activities! Some of their student’s favorites include pottery, drawing, painting and the ever-popular messy time. Classes provide a fun, self-esteem building atmosphere filled with “I did it” moments. Their goal is to inspire and educate children in an environment where giggles and grins are encouraged all while giving caregivers the break they deserve. Kidcreate Studio accomplishes this with multiple revenue streams all while getting a little messy with a large variety of different art materials and techniques. After all making a mess is the best with Kidcreate Studio!

Maxx Fitness Clubzz

The MAXX Fitness Clubzz® is an established multiple state, health club owner/operator. MAXX is in uniquely positioned in the health club industry – it provides a broad suite of full-service, high-end yet affordable health club amenities at a mass market price. Each MAXX club offers a full range of top-of-the-line equipment and services at reasonable price points. MAXX offers a compelling health club value proposition for its members: for just $19.99 per month, MAXX members have access to a broad range of amenities, programs and services comparable to higher-end health and fitness centers. The clubs provide state-of-the-art cardiovascular and resistance equipment and free-weights in a modern, spacious setting. Group fitness classes, spinning, personal training, daycare, tanning, and the MAXX Blendzz Cafe combine to create a desirable experience for members while attracting and retaining a profitable membership base.

Franchises, like company owned/operated clubs, are 20,000 to 25,000 square feet and includes a mix of state-of-the-art cardiovascular and resistance equipment, including:

  • Steppers, treadmills, bikes and elliptical motion machines equipped with personal entertainment units
  • Free weights, barbells, dumbbells, Smith and cable machine
  • Strength equipment, Cybex, Life Fitness and Hammer Strength


Mist Essentials brings together the founder’s knowledge and know-how of the Vape Industry from years of operating other vapor shops in the area with the offerings that include the industry’s best and hottest products and e-liquids. Mist Essentials is a national brand that is taking the country by storm through its franchising opportunities. The vape industry has grown and changed exponentially in the past few years, and Mist Essentials pledges to evolve with the industry and be the leading vape lifestyle shop into the future.

Mist Essentials Vapor Boutique is a full service e-cigarette and vapor store with products and service that are unparalleled. Mist Essentials caters to both novice and expert alike, with something for all skill levels. Whether it’s their free consultation to access and recommend the correct device and liquid for their novice clients to talking “shop” and showing off their Coils to the expert builders and vapers... they are the spot for you. They boost an ever-growing e-liquid portfolio that currently includes upward of 130 premium flavors, all of which are available for sampling at their custom tasting bar. They pride themselves in providing thier customers with friendly and knowledgeable service and are always there to help and assist in any way they can.

Mist Essentials... Don’t Just Vape ... Mist!

Ms. Cheezious

Ms. Cheezious franchised businesses specialize in offering grilled cheese sandwiches, other sandwiches, soups, desserts, other menu items, and related products and services. The concept is represented by the iconic Ms. Cheezious® character, spreading her cheesy love to the masses. Using fresh ingredients and inspiration from Ms. Cheezious adds new layers of flavor to the classic American favorite.

Ms. Cheezious® co-founders Brian and Fatima Mullins and M. Christian Dickens rolled the first Ms. Cheezious® food truck on to the streets of Miami in December, 2010. And with it, they took Miami by storm with everyone’s favorite comfort food; grilled cheese sandwiches – only not quite as innocent as mom used to make! The cheese keeps melting, and the Ms. Cheezious™ brand now includes two food trucks and two brick & mortar locations in the historic MIMO District of Miami and in Coral Gables.

MUV Fitness and MUV Training

MUV Brands offers two concepts:

MUV Fitness is a full service, full amenity health club. MUV Fitness concept strives to motivate people worldwide to achieve results through exercise, nutrition and recreation. Resembling a traditional gym experience with so much more, MUV Fitness concepts are in high demand.

  • Beginning with their InBody Biometric Analysis System, they assist their members in defining specific goals regarding both fat loss and muscle gains. The MÜV Custom Success Plan serves to provide their members with customized nutritional, exercise and supplement programming.
  • One of the concept’s most innovative features is the MÜV It & Lose It Challenge. It’s an effective motivator for members to lose weight and win rewards. The challenge generates buzz within the community and will be a great way to entice potential members.
  • This high-volume concept requires more space and equipment than our other concept, MÜV Training. Group fitness class offerings are vast and creates one of the best fitness club experiences in the industry. In addition, MUV Fitness locations may boast child care, basketball court, and pool amenities.

MUV Training is a small box boutique concept featuring MUV Tribe-Heartrate based strength training, MUV Barre-Multi-concept proprietary barre program and MUV Cycle.

  • Functional training is at the core of MÜV Training programming and will challenge clients to achieve milestone after milestone, especially when they feel that their routine has them at a plateau.
  • One of the awesome choices over at MÜV Fitness is a personalized, 1-on-1 training program with an elite personal trainer. The personal trainer will create a custom fitness plan that targets problem areas and fitness goals.
  • Their small class sizes and passionate instructors make these unique classes highly sought after.


OrthoNOW... Right Business. Right Industry. Right NOW.

The FIRST and ONLY Urgent Care Franchise Opportunity in the $42 Billion Expert Orthopedic Care Industry... Because injuries don’t happen by appointment.

Our strategy is simple. OrthoNOW Franchise is revolutionizing expert healthcare delivery by offering expert orthopedic care that’s convenient and affordable.

Our business model is strong. OrthoNOW offers franchise owners the opportunity for strong returns while truly making a difference in their community by returning patients to a better quality of life much faster than traditional healthcare delivery models.

Our goal is clear. We are seeking proven executive professionals who will work alongside us to build, manage, and optimize an OrthoNOW business and lead the charge to make change happen.

Injuries cost the US over $671B in 2013 yet there are no effective and timely options out there for everyday injuries. Until OrthoNOW.

Bare Bones about OrthoNOW Franchise Opportunity:

  • No Competition - FIRST and ONLY national expert orthopedic urgent care franchise positioned to dominate a highly fragmented market.
  • Clear and Competitive Advantage - Nearly 9,000 Urgent Care Centers in the U.S. Most offer only 1-2 locations and few have more than 5.
  • Predictable, Reliable, Stable Business Model - Injuries happen every day to people of all ages and never by appointment.
  • Recession Proof - Increasing demands for healthcare are not tied to the economic conditions.
  • A Proven Business System – Established, efficient business operations processes, effective advertising and marketing strategies, and quality procedures for launching and managing profitable centers.
  • An Experienced Team - Proven leaders in business, medicine, and franchising.
  • Technology Resistant – Care is provided by expert and compassionate caregivers.
  • Growth Opportunities and Scalability - More than 1,000 available territories in the U.S. for scale-savvy multi-unit operators and Area Developers.
  • Multiple Income Streams - Multiple products and services drive revenues.
  • Optimized Profitability - Managed labor costs make it affordable to scale.
  • Residual Income Streams - Through repeat visits, referrals and ongoing care services.
  • State-of-the-Art Technology - Delivering exemplary customer experience, convenience of care, and driving operational efficiencies.
  • National Purchasing Programs - Mean buying power for inventory and supplies.
  • Proven Marketing Systems - To jump start your business and drive ongoing patient volume.
  • Lifestyle Business - Through building a strong management team.
  • An Opportunity to Give Back to your Community - Rewarding on so many levels... Emotionally, personally and financially.

Rangoli Grill

Rangoli Grill is a Fast Casual Indian restaurant providing delicious and healthy customized meals, snacks, and drinks using an assembly line fulfillment model. The menu provides choices for all dietary preferences such as meat, vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free.

  • Serves prepared Indian meals and snacks all day.
  • Focus on healthy and fresh yet delicious offerings
  • Customized meals (wraps/rice bowls/salad bowls) with meat, vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free choices
  • Meals are garnished with fresh toppings and choice of 5 home made chutneys
  • A Chaat Bar with a variety of Indian street food
  • Snacks, sides, Indian breads, desserts, and specialty beverages round out the menu
  • There is an option to also have a beer & wine license

In a nutshell, Rangoli Grill combines the various growing trends with respect to changing consumer eating habits without depriving anyone of their personal preferences.

RDB Concepts

RDB Concepts is a managed service provider that specializes in operating system and databases services. They offer a wide range of managed services and consultancy services. Let them deliver what they do best so that you can focus on what you do best.

"Our mission is to enable our clients to focus on their business without unnecessary concern about their databases and operating systems. By doing what we do best and consistently delivering the highest quality services we enable our clients to focus on what they do best.

Why should IT customers be content with different levels of service from different vendors and suppliers?

RDB Concepts believe that their clients deserve the same level of service all of the time and should expect the same level of consistency and quality in all aspects of delivery. They achieve this by being passionate, devoted, enthusiastic and obsessive about their clients and delivering services that consistently exceed their expectations.

RDB Concepts strive to become the Partner and/or Service Provider of choice for all database and operating system requirements for all major vendors. By being different they aim to make a difference.

The RDB Concepts franchise system is split into 2 phases.

  • Phase 1 – Business development and sales focus
  • Phase 2 – Developing the delivery function and support capability

In phase 1 the new franchise focuses on developing their partner channel and by focused marketing begins to develop their sales pipeline. There are a set of managed services that are available in phase 1. At this stage the franchisees’ objectives are to promote these services and to build a strong channel of vendors who are also promoting and selling the services. In phase 1 the services are delivered via either the franchisees’ local RZD or from the UK branch of RDB Concepts. This continues until the franchise is ready to enter into phase 2 where they now focus on both sales and delivery of the services.


RentMOTOPED is the premier lifestyle franchise that exclusively rents out, deals, and sells merchandise for Motopeds, a 49cc crossover between a bicycle and a motorcycle. These Motopeds are street legal, only require a driver’s license to operate, and are extremely easy to ride. Rentals and sales are done out of an upcycled custom shipping container that operates as the entire storefront. Owner operation is not required.

This is an entrepreneurial lifestyle franchise comprised of 4 components: Motopeds (available for rentals and referred sales), an upcycled shipping container store, a cloud based point-of-sale and scheduling software, and a support team that will help you every step of the way.

A Motoped is a lightweight new-to-market, extremely fuel efficient, hybrid between a motorcycle and a bicycle that incorporates innovative style while providing the most comfortable riding experience available. It’s a great way for tourists to explore a new area or have a thrilling on or off road tour. There are 3 different style bikes available so your rental location can be tailored to the experience that suits your locations needs.

The upcycled shipping container store will be your stand-alone rental storage location. This will be all the real estate you need and it will be completely ready for use when it arrives at your location with the motopeds and all other necessary equipment inside of it. The store is incredibly easy to open, close, and lock with hydraulic doors, and industrial locks. It also comes equipped with a retractable awning that retracts itself when too much precipitation or wind is sensed. With no depreciation schedule, maintenance is a cinch for this modern application of an industrial looking storefront.

Rush Bowls

Since 2004, Rush Bowls has been redefining what it means to eat well on the go. Rush Bowls core product line features all natural fruit, granola and other wholesome ingredients, crafted into nutritious and convenient bowls that are complete meals yet taste like sinful indulgences. They satisfy the rapidly growing market of consumers demanding fresh, healthy, great tasting, “guilt-free” food that fuels their busy lifestyles.

With guidance from an executive team who are currently recognized amongst Restaurant Finance Monitor’s Top 25, a highly profitable business model, award winning recipes, marketing support and a low cost startup plan, Rush Bowls has recently begun awarding franchise opportunities to select entrepreneurs. With natural food sales continuing to grow rapidly, Rush Bowls is poised for success throughout 2016 and onward.

A franchise that helps you thrive, whatever your rush might be. Rush Bowls offers very flexible store requirements. This allows operators to make the most of available space. Rush Bowls is the perfect concept for 500-1,200 square feet, dine in or takeout. In many cases, a Rush Bowls can be introduced to utilize surplus space not needed by an existing concept in order to maximize revenue.

Rush Bowls has unlimited growth potential as they can operate in almost all types of locations where millennials or young professionals exist. From colleges and universities to sports arenas, airports and malls, Rush Bowls is poised to grow everywhere. In smaller footprints, Rush Bowls is a perfect complement to businesses such as gyms, coffee shops and health food stores.

Rush Bowls offers a low cost and streamlined startup plan – No cooktops or vent hoods are required. Streamlined operations and minimal waste contribute to stronger margins. Established operations, store layouts, marketing materials and vendor relationships shorten the time before your doors can open for business.


Soulstice is a medical massage therapy business that has an innovated specialty called Peri-operative Therapy - helping people recover faster and more efficiently following surgical procedures.

Ann Brooks and Kent Lemburg, founders of Soulstice, Ltd., have developed a unique and innovative healthcare business that helps people heal faster and feel better following surgical procedures. We’ve named our specialty service Peri-operative Therapy. Peri-operative Therapy has proven effective to alleviate pain, reduce bruising and swelling, and soften scar tissue.

In addition to Peri-operative Therapy, Soulstice provides a variety of medical massage therapy services from injury and accident recovery to general everyday health maintenance.

Spa-themed massage businesses have proven to be a successful franchise model providing massage to the masses at an affordable price. After experiencing entry level massage, people now seek our high-quality services over the low cost and high volume competition.

We hire, cultivate and train the finest therapists – compensating them equitably, competitively, and professionally.

Benefits of owning a Soulstice franchise?

  • Work with a professional and sophisticated audience
  • Launch a valuable healthcare service in your community
  • Enjoy a positive, healthy work environment
  • Deliver non-pharmacologic care participate in a burgeoning market niche
  • Build relationships for life for sustaining client retention


In an industry primed for exponential growth, Urban Float has quickly become the national leader. The Urban Float brand is focused on providing float clients with a superior experience. From their meticulously designed retail float centers, to their cutting edge floatation tanks and their commitment to providing their clients with exceptional customer service, Urban Float has set the bar high.

The idea of floating in super saturated salt water for health and wellness has been around for thousands of years, dating back to the discovery of the Dead Sea. Urban Float brings the practice of floating to the mainstream by providing a well-appointed facility with industry leading equipment. Urban float is committed to providing a clean, calm, and welcoming environment for their customers to experience the abundant benefits of floatation therapy.

Their brand has broad appeal and is approachable by people from all walks of life. They cater to the needs of mainstream clients. They offer a high end experience from the moment the customer books their appointment to the moment they walk out of the door even into the days following their float. While many float centers are cutting costs on their build-out and using cheap equipment, they are investing in the best in materials and equipment creating an environment that draws people in.

Own a piece of the next BIG industry!

They build their centers for maximum operational efficiency in customer flow, upkeep, and maintenance. Their staff spends more time focused on the customer and less time tending to the facilities. They see more customers per day than many float centers due to these efficiencies, which result in increased capacity and additional revenue opportunities.

They are the first, to their knowledge, of any legitimate float center to offer unlimited memberships allowing their members to float as often as they like for one monthly fee. Many centers offer monthly memberships with limits of 1 to 4 floats per month. The reason they are able to offer unlimited memberships when their competitors can’t is because they’ve built the capacity and facilities to handle the demand. Their newest stores are 1.5-2x larger than their competitors creating ample opportunity for their guests to book appointments and float when it’s convenient for them.

Wing It On!

Welcome to New Wingland! Companies like Five Guys, Wayback Burger, Mooyah, etc. are known as the "Better Burger" concepts. Wing It On! is the first true "Better Wing" concept. With their own proprietary sauce recipes, store-made blue cheese and attention to detail, they do fast-casual wings while keeping their product as true to the Buffalo-inspired masterpiece that real wing fanatics crave as possible. More than just wings, Wing It On! serves a large potential market with their gourmet burgers, wraps, salads and unique side items as well.

Wing It On! is a take-out focused fast-casual restaurant that primarly focuses on classic and boneless wings. In addition, by offering a menu that appeals to a wider demographic they are able to serve a hungry family with a variety of tastes and cravings.